Industrial and Commercial Site Controls

Uncontrolled urban runoff from commercial and industrial sites can significantly impact the water quality of local streams and creeks. These water quality impacts, which may be wash waters, wastes, leaks or spills, must be controlled in accordance with the Program’s NPDES permit.

The MRP Provision C.4 requires Permittees to implement an industrial and commercial site inspection and control program at all sites which could reasonably be considered to cause or contribute to pollution of stormwater runoff, with follow-up and enforcement consistent with local Enforcement Response Plans (ERPs), to prevent discharges of pollutants and impacts on beneficial uses of receiving waters. The provision identifies specific elements of the program including identifying sites to inspect, inspection frequency, inspection content, data tracking and staff training.

Co-permitees implement the Permit requirements by conducting inspections of specific industrial and commercial facilities which may be a source of pollutants to stormwater, and providing outreach to facility owners. When necessary, Co-permittees initiate enforcement actions against responsible parties. Co-permittees provide information on the type of facilities inspected and the level of enforcement taken at inspected facilities, as well as an evaluation of IND program effectiveness, in their annual reports.