New Development and Redevelopment

Available Reports and Work Products

The Program’s Permit Provision C.3 contains requirements for controlling the potential impacts of land development on stormwater quality and flow.  On October 15, 2003, Co-permittees began implementing the C.3 requirements for Group 1 projects (i.e., projects that create or replace one acre or more of impervious surface).  On August 15, 2006, the C.3. requirements became effective for projects that create or replace 10,000 square feet or more of impervious surface. To meet the C.3 requirements, projects must include appropriate site design measures, pollutant source controls and treatment control measures. In addition, Co-permittees were required to implement a verification program to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of treatment control measures. Projects that produce increases in runoff peak flows, volumes and durations that may cause erosion in downstream receiving water must aslo include hydromodification control measures beginning October 20, 2005.