Operation & Maintenance of Treatment BMPs (C.3.e.)

Example BMP Inspection and Maintenance Checklists

Memorandum #1

Draft Guidance for BMP Operation and Maintenance Verification Programs (Permit Provision C.3.e) -- (01/27/03)

Table 1: Key Reasons Why BMP Maintenance Has Historically Been Difficult to Implement
Table 2: What Are the Key Elements of a Stormwater Maintenance Program?
Figure 1 Elements of a Stormwater Ordinance


Memorandum #2

Guidance for Implementing Permit Provision C.3.e (Operation and Maintenance of Treatment BMPs), Part 2 -- Ordinance or Policy Language Relating to Inspection and Maintenance of Stormwater Management Systems -- (05/05/03)


General Guidance- Post Construction

Example Language That Should Be Contained in State, Regional, or Local Stormwater Management Regulations

Example Ordinance or Policy Language Related to Inspection and Maintenance of Stormwater Management Systems

Maintenance Agreements and Maintenance Easement Agreements


Stormwater Ordinances and Information


Miscellaneous Information (performance bonds, policies, etc.)


Memorandum #3

Treatment Control Best Management Practice Fact Sheets (05/05/03)


Sixteen BMP fact sheets were created by the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA).  They are available at the following website: http://www.cabmphandbooks.com/Municipal.asp.

Six BMP fact sheets were created by Program Staff. They include the following:

  Exfiltration Trench

  Hydrodynamic Separators

  Planter Boxes

  Porous Pavement

  Roof Gardens

  Underground Detention Systems

Memorandum #4

Guidance on Prioritization and Frequency of Stormwater Treatment Best Management Practice Inspections

Memorandum #5

Utility of Existing Stormwater BMP Cost Estimates

Memorandum #6

Stormwater Treatment BMP Inspection Program Elements

Memorandum #7

Disposal of BMP Residuals at County Landfills

Memorandum #8

Guidance for Managing Data Relevant to Permit Provision C.3.e Reporting Requirements