Goals and Objectives

Program concentrates its efforts on identifying pollution sources and implementing pollution prevention measures that are within the authority and ability of its Co-permittees. The following goals and objectives stress the practical, focused approach formulated in the Mission Statement.

GOAL 1: Comply with Permit

  • Effectively prohibit non-stormwater discharges (unless exempt or managed according to approved conditions)
  • Reduce, to the maximum extent practicable, pollutants in stormwater runoff
  • Comply with permit submittal requirements

GOAL 2: Determine Success

  • Periodically evaluate the attainment of beneficial uses in selected waterways
  • Evaluate changes in public awareness and behavior
  • Evaluate effectiveness of specific control measures at pollution reduction

GOAL 3:  Adjust Activities to Meet Changes

  • Define what constitutes success (how much is enough?) as it relates to programmatic and technical MEP
  • Utilize what we learn to plan the next steps

GOAL 4:  Achieve Acceptance of Urban Runoff Management Activities

  • Effectively facilitate public input into Program planning process
  • Integrate urban runoff goals at various intra-agency levels
  • Develop and maintain a proactive interrelationship with regulatory authorities
  • Publicize the efforts of the Co-permittees (Program)

GOAL 5:  Integrate Urban Runoff Program Elements into other Programs

  • Promulgate and understanding of the role of the urban runoff program
  • Encourage other agencies to become involved in urban runoff issues
  • Encourage action by the appropriate agencies