Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Initiative

In 1996, the Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Initiative (SCBWMI) was established by the USEPA, State Water Resources Control Board and the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board to manage water resources within Santa Clara Basin watersheds.  In late 1999, the Program prepared Watersheds 2000: A Vision of the Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Program’s Role in
Watershed Management and the Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Initiative.  This document outlines the Program’s long-term vision, roles and responsibilities with regard to the SCBWMI and provides a monitoring/continuous improvement and outreach strategy.

The Program’s involvement in the SCBWMI is organized by the concept of continuous improvement, as described in the Program’s Urban Runoff Management Plan (URMP).  The SCBWMI identifies specific watershed issues and recommendations that are brought to the Program’s Management Committee for consideration and action as appropriate.  In addition, results from Program studies related to watershed monitoring, assessment and management are frequently distributed, presented and discussed with SCBWMI subgroups.  This approach creates an informed and coordinated partnership between the Program and SCBWMI.

Currently, the Program participates in the following SCBWMI subgroups:

  • Core Group
  • Land Use Subgroup
  • Trash Subgroup
  • Product Stewardship Subgroup
  • Watershed Assessment and Monitoring Subgroup