Watershed Management

Available Reports and Work Products

The Program’s watershed management strategy is to integrate its watershed management efforts with the Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Initiative (SCBWMI). Activities that include implementing environmental monitoring and assessment measures are necessary components needed to fully integrate our efforts.  Watershed management objectives include:

  • Characterizing watersheds and stormwater discharges;
  • Assessing existing or potential adverse impacts to beneficial uses;
  • Identifying potential sources of pollutants of concern;
  • Aiding in developing and implementing strategies for controlling adverse impacts on beneficial uses; and
  • Assessing the effectiveness of pollutant prevention/control measures.

To accomplish these objectives, the Program is actively involved with the Bay Area Macroinvertebrate Bioassessment Information Network (BAMBI) and SCBWMI Land Use Subgroup. Other tasks include the development of the Stream Studies Inventory (SSI) and a multitude of watershed management-related work products.