Lower Penitencia Watershed

The Lower Penitencia Creek Watershed covers an area of about 30 square miles, half of which is on the western slopes of the Diablo Mountain Range on the east side of the Santa Clara Basin, and the other half on the valley floor. The major tributaries joining the Lower Penitencia Creek are the East Penitencia Channel and Berryessa Creek.

The Lower Penitencia Creek flows from the foothills of the Diablo Range, through undeveloped, unincorporated County land, and continues westerly through largely residential neighborhoods in the Cities of Milpitas and San Jose, transitioning to higher density residential neighborhoods and industrial areas west of Interstate 680.

No native fish communities have been identified in Lower Penitencia Creek watershed.

Watershed Facts

  • Watershed area: 28.6 square miles
  • Number of tributary creeks: 13
  • Miles of natural creek bed: 29.2
  • Miles of Engineered Channel: 20.8
  • Local cities: Santa Clara County, San Jose, Milpitas
  • Percent area by land use:
    • Residential 30.7%
    • Industrial/Commercial 19.0%
    • Forest 1.1%
    • Rangeland 38.7%
    • Other 10.5%
  • Percent Impervious Area: 42.9%
  • Miles of Underground Culvert or Stormdrain: 61.6
  • Beneficial Uses: None Designated

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